Migrate Business Applications to AWS

We migrate your applications to the cloud to improve your security, mobility, and flexibility with Amazon Web Services.

At SMB CloudTech, we know from experience that no two businesses are alike. We’ve spent years providing services and support, and using the cloud to give clients access to their most important data. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), we migrate your existing business applications to the cloud – you start experiencing the benefits right away.

When SMB CloudTech migrates your business applications to AWS, you reduce capital expenses, minimize administrative and support costs, and improve your performance, security, and customization ability.

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  • Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean that you have to start all over – we migrate the applications and solutions you already use, so you never lose your best assets and don’t have to waste time learning all new tools.
  • With the cloud, your applications go wherever you go. You have secure, easy access to your data and applications, allowing you to get work done where it’s most convenient for you.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that no matter what type of disaster hits, your workflow will never be disrupted – you always have access to the applications and data you need to continue serving your clients.
  • As your IT partner, we ensure you’re leveraging the absolute most from Amazon’s cloud features – SMB CloudTech is Amazon Certified, so you know that we’ve got everything covered.

With Amazon web services, your business has access to all of the applications you depend on, with heightened protection, mobility, and easier access. You’ll function at your absolute best at all times.

Get in touch with SMB CloudTech to talk about migrating your business applications to the cloud – contact us at [email protected] or (844) 900-6025.