Meet Your Cloud Experts At SMB CloudTech

We Know How To Help You Get The Most From Today’s Cloud Solutions.

SMB CloudTech was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of helping small and medium-sized businesses in Southern California get the most value and efficiencies from their technology investments.

We Specialize In CloudTechnologies.

With cloud-based technology quickly becoming essential to compete in today’s business world, we’re excited to be on the frontlines. We know how to guide our clients through the sometimes confusing, World of Cloud IT, using customizable, fully scalable and elastic solutions.

We Also Know How To:

  • Efficiently and securely migrate businesses into the cloud.
  • Select the right technologies for our clients.
  • Be proactive and prevent downtime.
  • Help our clients save money through the use of cloud technologies.
  • Build the right solutions to meet the needs of any business.

How Our Clients Benefit From Our Services

Our clients range from small start-ups with 1-5 employees, to mature medium-sized businesses with 50+ employees. Some of the benefits they enjoy from our service include:

  • Our Managed Cloud IT Solutions that allow them to switch their IT spending from CAPEX to OPEX by eliminating the need to buy hardware and software.
  • Predictable Low Monthly Costs
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Significantly reduced, or no downtime or risk
  • Our expertise that eliminates the need for expensive internal IT staff.
  • Service Excellence, Honesty, Transparency and a Passion to ensure their technology works, and works for them.

Take advantage of all the cloud has to offer—And be sure to choose the company in Southern California that knows how to help you get the most from it. SMB CloudTech (844) 900-6025 [email protected]