Google Apps Consulting

Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your output with Google Apps.

We believe your business deserves every competitive advantage available, helping you streamline tasks and better serve your clients. That’s why we provide the best, most innovative tools and applications and help you understand how to leverage their full power for your business. With Google Apps, you gain a host of benefits that help you implement positive changes throughout your workforce.

Our team is Google certified with Google Apps, meaning you gain a team of experts on your side helping you meet and exceed your objectives.

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Google Apps is a cloud-based gathering of tools designed to increase your productivity and output, allowing you to get work done from anywhere and with any device.

  • We’ve got Google Apps experts on our team because we know that it provides the most effective and resourceful tools for any business. You’ll have access to your contacts, calendars, emails and files in one place.
  • Google Apps provides you with documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, survey forms, and so much more – we help you understand how to use these tools to produce your best work.
  • You have the power to set up meetings in your calendar and then carry them out right there from any device. The Hangouts feature allows you to video chat with your entire team; you have a place to share ideas, discuss current projects, and even show co-workers what you’re working on with screen sharing capabilities.
  • You choose the level of access given to employees by setting limits on who can view what. Restrictions keep your sensitive data secure and stop documents from falling into the wrong hands.
  • With built-in spam protection and cloud-based backups, you have peace of mind knowing that your work is always protected and easily accessible when you need it.

Contact SMB CloudTech at [email protected] or (844) 900-6025 to talk about how Google Apps will work for your business.